Lawn Boy – Wax Melts


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These Wax Melts are lovely for your wax warmer. These clamshells include six soy wax cubes for you to break into pieces and watch melt before your eyes.

Soy wax aromatherapy melts are thought to have healing and soothing properties. Soy is a biodegradable and renewable resource. The soybeans used in these soy wax melts are grown on existing farms in the United States.

Fragranced with 100% phthalate-free essential oils and aroma compounds. Lawn Boy brings a clean, lime, bergamot scent to your olfactory hues. With its soft smell, this candle is relaxing and soothing like the moist green organic that your feet tread upon.

These wax melts are hand-poured and will all have slight natural variations. Made with Love.

Fragrance Oils, Soy Wax


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