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More Than Just Candles


We make our own soy wax candles and have plenty to share! Frustrated by how expensive and toxic candles from the stores are these days, I took the time to research how to make safer, environmentally-conscious candles with materials sourced from a U.S. company that has clear product labeling. In a world where our families and our friends are in pain because of corporate greed and bottom lines, I am opting out with the only voting power we really have anymore. Our products are made with soy wax with cotton wicks and non-toxic fragrance or essential oils.  Here's to being thankful that we can shine a little light out into this world.

Who We Are


Candle Crafter, Owner

As a small child, I was extremely creative, so my mom was constantly finding craft projects for us to work on together. She came home with a DIY candle kit and we poured our own candles. Two decades later, I started candle crafting once again!


Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans.


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